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Fight For lives

Do you suffer with unwanted negative thoughts?

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Talking 2 Minds was established with the sole purpose of helping those suffering from PTSD or other severe stress related conditions.

We aim to help as many people as possible and offer FREE Paradigm Therapeutic Programmes™ to those most in need within the UK.

We use our unique approach to address the unwanted negative responses that form a part of clients thought process and current lifestyle. Once these negative responses have been addressed, the person rediscovers their freedom to make informed choices, enabling them to create positive change within their lives.

Our definition of success is when a person recognises that their symptoms have been positively addressed and they feel truly at ease with themselves. In other words, by supporting clients on a one to one basis, they are in a position to take control of their own lives for the benefit of themselves and those closest to them.

Talking 2 Minds was established by people who have experienced Severe Trauma Related Conditions or PTSD first hand and been through the Talking 2 Minds therapeutic process themselves.

Because all our team have personal experience of PTSD and other severe stress related conditions, they have a unique understanding of what the clients may be experiencing and the ‘Veteran helping Veterans’ ethos means all practitioners are able to create a strong rapport with them.

Only those who have been through PTSD know the true effects and the potential to completely destroy a life. Not only have our consultants been through PTSD, but they have also created a positive and bright future for themselves through engaging in the Talking 2 Minds process.

“To be able help make a positive difference in someone’s life is truly humbling. Since having seen my own symptoms fall away over a very short period of time I decided to study non medical approaches and disciplines and went on to become the key founder of Paradigm Therapy™. My intent is simply to help others pick up the pieces and heal the mental scars to find their own peace of mind”.

Bob Paxman, Founder and Chief Executive for Talking 2 Minds

For more information please contact the charity:
info@talking2minds-training.co.uk to find out more information of what we do.

Sharon@talking2minds.co.uk to find out how you can book onto a change programme.

You can call 0208 133 0217 or 079171226708 and speak to Bruce, Talking2Minds Course Coordinator.

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Wade 166 Miles Fuelled By Renegade

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Renegade Supplements are proud to offer more than just a box. We want to ensure, you get the advice, help and motivation to use our products with confidence.
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Fight For Lives on GMTV

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Thank you to Sarah O’Connor for your recognition,

Congruent is the best word to describe your appeal, I feel very humbled that we are able to support Talking2Minds and to be associated with the life saving therapies they provide to PTSD suffers.

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Ex SAS Billy joins Ex SAS Charity Boxing Team

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Congratulation to Billy Billingham on joining the team.

The Team

  • Phil Campion – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 280 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Rob Paxman – ex 22 SAS – 48 years old – 238 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Colin MacLacklan – ex 22 SAS – 41 years old – 174 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Jim Burford – ex 22 SAS – 36 years old – 186 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Billy Billingham – ex 22 SAS – 51 years old – 175 pounds – Intermediate boxer
  • Jim Walker – ex 22 SAS – 40 years old – 180 pounds – Novice boxer
  • Anonymous – ex 22 SAS – 47 years old – 220 pounds – Novice boxer

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Sponsorship with National Press Exposure

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The Sun (agreed press partner) are soon to publish the launch of the EX SAS Charity Boxing Club and the up and coming events (Combat After Combat) at The Grange Tower Bridge 8th September and (Remembrance Rumble) at York Hall 11th November, this provides a great opportunity to advertise your brand.

We are in full support of associated charities and would like to offer you a commercial sponsorship package that will promote you in all that we do.

We can offer you some great space to run campaigns in the press, at the events, social media, txt campaigns and competitions.

Here’s the main points of a partnership / sponsorship;
Be at forefront of all press and digital digital media coverage
Mass marketing at the live event
Logo’s on training wear
Awareness on blogs, videos and tutorials
Promotional posters (online)
Merchandise sales online and at event
Website advertising space
Corner covers and toblerones
Logo printed on tickets
Sharing of database of online followers and supporters
Advertising in the event program
Ringside Table for ten at The Grosvenor
Motivational speaking at the work place of your clients, with EX SAS soldiers.
Boxing ring canvas, covers on boxer’s corners
Mass marketing at the live event
Meet and greet with the teams
MC announcements
Merchandise shop at the event and online
Majority of the auction proceeds

I would like to discuss the investment in person, we have packages available or we can bespoke something that you may have in mind.

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Join Fight For Lives to Help Rebuild School In Gratitude to the Country of Nepal and the Gurkhas

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In October 2016 a team of volunteers will make a trip to Nepal to rebuild some classrooms that were destroyed in last years Earthquakes. In November 2015 three of the team carried out a similar project which resulted in the construction of six brand new classrooms to replace those that had collapsed. It is their desire to replicate this success on the return trip later this year.

WHO?- The Team so far consists of 2 Medics, 1 Firefighter, 1 Builder and a Project Manager from the UK and Hong Kong, however we are actively recruiting more people to join.

WHAT? The team will construct at least one Classroom for around twenty pupils in the time frame of two weeks allocated for this project.

WHY? – There are a number of reasons for carrying out this project. The Team leader who put last years project together was in Nepal to help with humanitarian relief when the second Earthquake struck. It was this personal experience that galvanised his desire to do more to help beyond the initial disaster management phase in Nepal.

Secondly This is the fact that the Gurkhas in our UK Army originate from Nepal and have loyally served and protected our country for over 200 years in all major conflicts around the globe. As the original team were made up predominantly of Ex-Servicemen they felt both a moral obligation and huge debt of gratitude to the country of Nepal and the Gurkhas.

Thirdly the Earthquakes destroyed and damaged around 45000 classrooms across the country, effecting one million children of school age. Pupils are having to study in temporary shelters or outside. With Nepal having extremes of weather and a monsoon season this is certainly not a suitable learning environment and consequently children are unable to attend school in many cases. Nepal is one of the poorest countries of the world and for a whole generation to have their schooling disrupted or discontinued will have a huge economic impact in the future and will certainly plunge the country into further poverty if the availability of education is not addressed.

Finally the Government of Nepal is not doing enough to help. Overall aid has been slow to be distributed. In many of the more remote places many have been left to survive and cope for themselves. The team are not politically motivated but simply are taking a pragmatic approach that can be summed up with the quote “We are able to do something to help, so let’s just do it!”

WHERE? Utilising contacts already in Nepal, we are conducting a needs assessment on which school to help next. Those visiting potential schools in need are looking at locations that are around 5 hours travel time from Kathmandu that are accessible by road and foot. This distance allows the team to achieve their aims in the time span available and with the logistical support that is in place to bring the materials required to the build site. Schools that are this far from Kathmandu tend to be in remote areas and to date outside of the Governments plans for rebuild support or funding. Priority will go to a location that has the largest percentage of damaged classrooms and where the school staff, pupils and local villagers will engage and take part in a build. Self help, community engagement and empowerment are a huge part of a projects success.

WHEN ? The team arrive in Kathmandu on the 16th October and fly back to the UK on the 30th. There will be a short preparatory phase to carry out administrative and logistical tasks before heading off to the build location. It is envisaged that the team will stay on site for a period of 7 days before heading back to Kathmandu.

HOW ? – The Team will drive and trek to the the selected school site and remain there in tented accomodation until the build is complete. The construction of the classroom will be using the Earthbag building method which is a fast, affordable and seismic resistant ( ). The community, school and local builders will help with the construction which will speed up the build, engage the local community and teach the tradespeople the skills required to replicate this system for future

projects including homes. Funding for the building materials required is to come from Rotary clubs worldwide who have already supported the initial project and are keen to promote this building method worldwide.

This next trip is going to be even more successful than the first and will further the sustainability and leveraging effect of teaching this method to the locals. The impact alone of building a classroom means that hundreds of children will benefit now and in years to come.

There is a unique opportunity for individuals and companies to get involved at the early stages of these ongoing projects. The benefits to those who volunteer to go is huge. They will get first hand experience of seeing the plight of Nepal and how their efforts will make a significant impact in a relatively short space of time. They will be taken outside of their existing comfort zones and challenged both mentally and physically. Trips and experiences such as this are an excellent way to build resilience and foster compassion and empathy for others. Different people will get different outcomes but one commonality for sure is a sense of real world achievement that is outward rather than inward facing.

For companies or corporates who wish to support this they can help with funding, sponsoring or releasing staff to get involved. Whilst it is clear that those organisations wanting to help should be doing it in the spirit of helping others and corporate responsibility, the returns are clear both in terms of promoting their input and also from the associated benefits of allowing their staff to experience and learn from this unique opportunity.

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