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Fight For Lives are an accredited WBC Cares Partner.

Our training program promotes safety as a priority, this starts in training covering Stance, Footwork, Striking, Combinations, Defences, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Boxing Fitness and Advanced Boxing Techniques. The programs are specifically designed to learn the art of boxing in a professional, safe, supportive and friendly environment.

Our next charity boxing dinner show 17th Nov at The Hilton Ageas Bowl, where contenders will show off their skills in front of family, friends and colleagues. We are fully committed to support local causes and charities through fundraising at our events.

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The WBC, with the love of President Jose Sulaiman, proudly launched WBC World Boxing Cares*. The program acknowledges all those little champions around the world that serve as an example of courage and heroism. This initiative consists of a world campaign in which boxing personalities, especially world champions, visit children’s hospitals , orphanages and youth centers, to encourage them to keep up the fight. These sport celebrities have shown by example, that there is always the possibility to succeed, no matter what the battle or the odds.

“Boxing has no borders; we don’t care about skin colors, religions, politics, flags, languages. We all speak the same language; we all understand perfectly its universal voice. We all chat with our fists, with our hearts, with our souls; that’s what boxing is all about.”

Laura Serrano (Boxer & Poet of the Ring) The World Boxing Council is the largest sanctioning body of professional sports in the world. It represents 164 countries; a culturally and economically diverse brethren of people united by their love of boxing. The WBC is dedicated to the safety and equality of the athletes who engage in this sport.

A wise person once said that a society is measured by how they treat the less fortunate. We feel privileged that we have found a way to improve the quality of life for many sick children. That is why we want to go into hospitals and bring the courage of our boxers to young champions who are battling illness. These young people are our true hero’s.

Like health care, boxing is an individual pursuit that takes a team effort to succeed. “WBC: World Boxing Cares – Big Champs for Little Champs” — is our way of becoming part of a larger team helping children in need.