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Fight For Lives.

Our training program promotes safety as a priority, this starts in training covering Stance, Footwork, Striking, Combinations, Defences, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Boxing Fitness and Advanced Boxing Techniques. The programs are specifically designed to learn the art of boxing in a professional, safe, supportive and friendly environment.

Our next charity boxing dinner show 11th may 2018 at The Hilton Ageas Bowl, where contenders will show off their skills in front of family, friends and colleagues. We are fully committed to support local causes and charities through fundraising at our events.

“Boxing has no borders; we don’t care about skin colors, religions, politics, flags, languages. We all speak the same language; we all understand perfectly its universal voice. We all chat with our fists, with our hearts, with our souls; that’s what boxing is all about.”

Laura Serrano (Boxer & Poet of the Ring)